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40 Years in Pursuit of Perfection.

Creating flow in every application

We are proud to be able to provide you with the highest quality pump solution. We design and develop all our pump components, ensuring that we can provide a uniform standard of excellence in quality, efficiency and reliability, Listening to, and acting on, customer needs, is a practice that enables us to supply pumps for every application area.


Nimco pump systems are easy to install and operate. Our own advanced mechanical and electronic pump technology ensures they are trouble free, intelligent and user friendly. This guarantees that our customers always receive a reliable, adaptable solution, one they’re always in complete control of.


When you acquire a Nimco solution, you can be sure that the long term cost saving will be substantial. We are constantly improving pump and motor efficiency, radically reducing power consumption the biggest cost in the lifetime of pump system. Our pumps consistently deliver in the most demanding circumstances, giving you immediate results and long-term reliability.


We are committed to providing simple to service pump solutions. Our customers are backed by the highest standards of support, spare part supply and information access – regardless of their position on the globe. Wherever you are and whatever your pump needs may be, you have access to Nimco service.


Our commitment to consistently improving pump technology allows us to meet customer needs as they evolve with time. Thinking ahead enables us to offer you unique service options and ensures that when the time comes to replace your pump, we will have developed an even more advanced solution for you.

Every handful counts

At Nimco we’ve put our concern for the environment into action. The instant an innovative idea enters development the environmental consequences of its impact are considered. We are committed to ensuring as much of each pump is recycled as is technologically possible, maintaining the planet for the benefit of future generations.


Whatever the area, we have a pump to fit the need. Our commitment to pump technology ensures that we have the most extensive range of solutions, enabling you to get everything you require from just one supplier.

Development Work

Producing technology implies anticipating new solutions, forseeing new uses and discovering alternative applications and materials. Kiwi Pumps has always sought to be innovative, interpreting and defining it into new dimensions and new functions. The company looks for new development works keeping in view the latest trends in the world. Computer Aided Design is carried out in the new developmental works and in modifications. Help of technical consultants is taken to develop the new products with an aim of achieving the best possible Quality & to suit the customer’s requirement.

Human Resource Development

The company places a great emphasis on human resources development. Each & every employee is trained to work in more than one area. Freedom to approach any person at all levels is given to everyone and thus making an open organization structure. We welcome constructive criticism and regard this as an incentive to further improve the company.