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V3 Submersible Pumpset

  • V3 Submersible Pumps

Nimco pumps is India’s largest manufacturer & exporter of 3” submersible pumps, but that is just a small part of the complete wide range of submersible pumps available to our professional dealer. Nimco Pumps, Rajkot TUV SUD certified ISO 9001:2000 Company that’s what you need in your bore. Nimco has a wide range of 3” borehole submersible pumps that suit various kinds of user requirements.

Borehole submersible pumps for wells from 3 to 10 inches wells, with 2-pole electric motors. The most complete range of submersible borehole electric pumps to meet all your borehole pumping applications suitable to replace standard surface pumps, carrying the advantages of lesser space needed, less maintenance and complete absence of noise. In all domestic, industrial and agricultural applications, where it is required to life water out from below the ground and to push it above with pressure.

Our customers know that a one-size fits all approach just is not going to satisfy today’s demanding consumer. By utilizing Nimco Pumps industry leading, modern technology, state of art infrastructure, manufacturing techniques and two decades of complete pump experience.

Nimco’s V3 borehole submersible pumps are the most economical energy-efficient pumps for 3 inch dia wells or larger. Delivering the optimum amount of water and pressure for general home and farm use. V3 borehole submersible pumps are available in different sizes such as 0.5 HP to 1.5 HP with flows upto 60 LPM. V3 submersible pumps are ideal for low yielding bores or where 4” borehole submersible pumps cannot fit; such as old windmill, handmade bores etc.

Nimco Pumps has partnership with the industries leaders in submersible pumps for design to help create products for consumer, municipalities and original equipment manufacturers that meet or exceed large market requirements. All Nimco Pumps products are backed by trained dealers & supported by factory trained sales engineers team and in house product engineers.

Design - V3 Submersible Pumps

Single or multistage centrifugal pumps in pump shroud or in ring section design. Radial hydraulic systems; Suction casing fitted between motor and pump. A suction casing is fitted between the pump & motor. Suction casing is fitted with strainer to protect the pump from coarse particles / sand in the fluid. Pumps with check valve (non-return valve) in option are supplied. Available with threaded particularly suitable for vertical installation in narrow deep wells. Additional bearings are fitted depending on the number of stages. Stainless Steel inserts are fitted to the impeller. The impeller hub is protected by stainless Steel inserts are fitted depending on the number of stages. Stainless steel inserts are fitted to the impeller. The impeller hub is protected by stainless steel inserts. This design improves the starting torque & has the effect that solid particles such as sand are propelled outside.

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Salient Features Of V3 Submersible Pumps
  • Premier manufacturing technology. The innovative mechanical design, combined with the use of an advanced manufacturing technology, results in a state-of-the-art 3-inch submersible pump line.
  • Proven & Reliable Design For Critical Conditions.
  • Manufactured from quality corrosion resistant materials. V-3-7 series use to handle low yielding bores and sandy well conditions.
  • State of the art design: Delivers optimum performance and reliability in the toughest conditions.
  • 25, 35, 45 & 55 LPM models feature independent centrifugal impellers to provide smooth starting and long life.
  • Thick (2.0MM) stainless steel outer casing shell to protect and align internal submersible pumps components. Rigid connection between motor and pump provides a single, perfectly aligned unit.
  • Rubber & bronze bearing provide low friction and high wear resistance.
  • Easy assembling, dismantling. Easily serviceable pump & field rewindable motors. Suction screen and coupling are made of stainless steel.
  • Standard 2 pole speed motor (2900 RPM).
  • Once assembled, each 3” borehole submersible pump is individually tested to assure performance within design specifications.
  • Nimco Pumps uses non-contaminating, water filled motor design.
  • High pumping efficiency for reduced running costs.
  • Cost effective pumping systems: The hydraulic design is such as to enhance the efficiency, thus reducing energy consumption and making pumping systems more cost effective.
  • Light weight and compact.
  • Lip seal and sand guard to prevent ingress of impurities into the motor.
  • Maintenance and service: with time some parts subject to wear may need replacement.
  • The simplicity of the assembly concept allows for easy field service without the need of special tools minimizing the system down-time.
  • The MOTOR is of non-toxic cooling bath type; asynchronous with squirrel cage rotor. Suction and delivery casing are in cast iron and if required in stainless steel & brass. Impellers and diffusers are in Noryl homologated for drinkable water use and are equipped with stainless steel inserts in correspondence of the wearable zones.
  • Discharge Bearing: Extra long sealed top bronze bearing insures shaft alignment and stabilization for extended life.
  • Suction Adapter: Designed to ensure proper pump/ motor alignment. Open area permits easy access to pump/motor coupling. Casting made of ductile iron for increased strength.
  • Pump Shaft: High tensile type 410 stainless steel provides strength and corrosion resistance. Ground and polished for smooth bearing surface.
  • Powered for continuous operation: All horsepower ratings are within the service limits of the motor and pump can be operated continuously without fear of damage to the motor.
  • Bearings with sand channels; all bearings are water lubricated and have a squared shape enabling sand particles, if any, to leave the pump together with the pumped liquid.
  • The motor adapter, coupling, check value and discharge head may be removed without disassembling the hydraulic stack.
Application Of V3 Submersible Pumps

A combination of multistage centrifugal pumps and submersible motors, the 3” borehole submersible pump, is designed for applications like:

  • Domestic water supply.
  • Water supply to high rise buildings.
  • Housing complexes, bungalows.
  • Gardens, farms and nurseries.
Operating Parameters
Name of Parts V3 Borehole Submersible Pumps
H. P. Range 0.5 H.P. To 1.5 H.P.
Head Range Upto 120 Meters
Discharge At Duty Point 25 - 55 LPM.
Max. Discharge 80 LPM.
Max. Head / Stage 3 Meters
Operating Voltage 180-240 Volt (1 Phase)
Max voltage fluctuation +15% -20%; -Max
Max. Start/Hour 20
Max. Temp. of Liquid 40° C
Max. Permissible Amount of Sand In The Water 20 Gram/Cubic Meter
Version Single Phase - 220 Volt - 50 Hz
# Due to continuous efforts in improvements, information furnished above is subject to change without notice